COVID-19 Orientation Content

Beginning with Phase 1 Stage 2 we will begin offering access to Orientation for COVID-19 policies and procedures required for access to the lab.

Please note: at this time we are contacting users when their eligibility for use arrives.  Please await communication, via email, from an NFCF Staff member related to your eligibility.  This procedure will be in place for Phases 1-3.


To be eligible for this orientation, you must be an existing NFCF user with current equipment access in FOM on the machines you wish to use.  If you are unsure of your current access, please check your FOM log-in.  

Order of access is being determined in cooperation with the NFCF Principal Investigators community.  You may wish to talk to your PI about your needs before requesting access.  We are working to best serve the most urgent academic and research needs as fairly as we can within our incremental reopening plan.  If you are not able to attend a training, please refer to our section on Service Requests for more information.

Video Conference Call will be scheduled in Microsoft Teams for the training applicable for you, of the options below.


Training for New Users Includes:

  1. Prerequisite training: new user online training modules
  2. New User General Lab Orientation (Includes reference to items A to C below)
  3. If applicable to your equipment needs: Cleanroom Walkthrough online

A. FOM Usage Requirements
B. Lab Bays Review on COVID-19 Map
C. NFCF Use of Microsoft Teams

You must read and review the above three items prior to attending virtual COVID-19 Orientation.  Orientations are being offered in compliance with our reopening plan and the eligibility guidelines above.  Trainings will be offered virtually, via Microsoft Teams or Zoom, on an invite-only basis as approved by NFCF leadership.

Training for Existing/Experienced Users:

  1. This mode of training is being phased out, and the training documentation is no longer being updated.
  2. Returning users who have not completed COVID training yet may join the above referenced new user trainings at any time.
  3. If you would like to review the content from your prior training it can be found here:
          NFCF COVID-19 Orientation